Ballet, Art and Beer at NYCB’s Art Series


If you haven’t been to the see the New York City Ballet in a while, you should check out their annual NYCB Art Series, now in its second year, at the David H. Koch Theater.  The current series features the work of JR, a French wheat-paste graffiti artist turned fine art photographer.  The installation is a seamless collection of life-sized photographs of the dancers on the theater’s promenade floor.

To prep for the Art Series, JR attended rehearsals and performances (tough job) in the fall of 2013.  For the piece’s focal point he arranged the dancers in the form of an eye, which according to the artist, is something the audience doesn’t see much of since dance is so body-centric and far away.

The result is a stunning installation (with beautiful dancers) that the audience can interact with by seeing it close up, from different angles or from the any of the four balconies.


Last year, the series featured Brooklyn-based art team, FAILE, who constructed a 40-foot tower called Les Ballets de Faile.  That installation, also on the promenade, was fashioned from hundreds of hand-painted and printed wood.  The show coincided with special performance evenings where all tickets were priced at $29 (some regularly priced at $150).  On the evening I went, Brooklyn Breweries sponsored the night and free beer was served while ticket holders had a chance to mingle with some of the dancers (does it get better than that?).

Les Ballets de Faile 2013

Les Ballets de Faile 2013

Les Ballets de Faile 2013

Les Ballets de Faile 2013

JR encourages the audience to move around the installation and take Instagram shots at unusual angles and from different perspectives to create their own visual dance from the art.  You can see my interpretive dance via photos of this installation on Instagram, @travelingkarma.

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