Google’s Gallery of Street Art

There is incredible street art in every major city if you are lucky enough to come across it.   Google’s Cultural Institute created a way to do just that.  When I first heard that Google pulled together images to create a virtual gallery of street art from around the world through The Street Museum of Art on its online Cultural Institute website, I thought brilliant.  Street art, whether by famous and unknown artists, is often transient and few get to see it unless they know what to look for and where to look.  In the Street Art tab you can look up art by artist, location, collection or gallery.

google street art full

Google gets it right with the details feature, an icon in the upper left corner that will tell you the location of the piece and has a map so  you can travel there and see if for yourself.

The search engine is bizarrely just OK considering it is Google but maybe there is just a learning curve to find what you are looking for.  I tried to find the Bushwick Collective under galleries or collections but could not.  Still, it will be a useful tool for those, like me, who love to seek out street art when you travel.

Chris Stain

Chris Stain – Brookyn, NY 2013


As interesting and informative as it is to see art through virtual eyes it doesn’t compare to being surprised by it just walking down the street.

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