Summer Bucket List: Discover the Forest

I love this new PSA campaign encouraging tweens to re-connect with nature. It is magical and mysterious, just like my 10 year old daughter.

We’ve been dreading the day when our little girl would rather hang out with her friends and stare at small screens. Luckily, that day has not come, yet.

I recently downloaded PBS’s summer bucket list to encourage us to get outside and explore this summer.  On the top of the list was, “catch a firefly.”  When my daughter recently had the opportunity to catch one, she was pretty excited. I don’t think her love of the outdoors and wild creatures is going anywhere anytime soon.  In fact, whenever I’ve had the opportunity to observe my daughter and her friends out in nature it confirms to me that their pre-teen imaginations are still intact. Providing them the opportunity is our responsibility.


I’d like to add to our summer list: hike the Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia as Bill Bryson did in his book, A Walk in the Woods.  Since financially that is not an option, we hope to tackle it a few miles at a time every chance we get.


When we were at Bear Mountain State Park and Harriman State Park in New York State last summer, we hiked for over 3 hours with many highlights like deer, butterflies and flowers and we plan to do something similar this year using website  to chart our adventures.


On the website you can search nearby forests and parks and filter by location and activities. The website also has guides that show you how to use a constellation to guide your way.  Since star gazing is on our bucket list, we’ll be trying out that one.

map 2

This post was sponsored but the content is genuine.

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