Street Art and Panoramic Views at Parc de Belleville in Paris

It surprises me that the Parc de Belleville is not more of a tourist spot.  It is the highest park in Paris and has fantastic panoramic views of the city.  One reason may be that it was only constructed in 1988 so foreign visitors have not heard much about it yet.  I am not complaining.   It was picturesque and strangely peaceful even though there was a mini-rave going on at the bottom of the steps just up from the entrance to the park.


It is located in the 20th arrondissement in the neighborhood of Belleville, which is well known for its street art.  At the top of the park lies the Maison de l’Air, a small museum designed to educate visitors on the importance of fresh air.  On the belvedere lucky visitors get to see various forms of street art including several murals by the well-known street artist, Seth.


Street art is everywhere in Paris and the Belleville neighborhood is the best place to see it.  While Rue de Denoyez is the most famous street for it, it is actually very small and not as organized as something like the Bushwick Collective.  The best pieces I saw were randomly located around the neighborhood.


There are no major attractions in the area so enjoy the people watching and the cafés.


The closest metro is the Couronnes or get off at Belleville and walk down Julian Lacroix, a street named after a prominent property owner in the 19th century.


3 responses to “Street Art and Panoramic Views at Parc de Belleville in Paris

  1. Hi, I really like your pics on Belleville! We are writing an parisien couple interview on our blog and I would like to know if i can post one of your pic, the one with the bikes so beautiful, I will add your credits with a link on your blog if you are ok let me know! have a nice day.
    here you can see an interview so you can see how it looks :

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