Street artist Joe iurato’s solo show “Outside Looking In” at CUSP Gallery in NYC


Street art by its very nature is fleeting so when you get a chance to see a particular artist’s work all in one place, you should take it.

One of my favorite street artists, Joe iurato is known for his whimsical wood cutouts that are unexpectedly but strategically placed in urban backgrounds.  Much of his work features children getting up to no good but still celebrates their innocence, curiosity and humor.

He primarily works with hand cut stencils and wood cutouts.  Many of his cutouts are surprisingly small–under 15 inches–but their size make it easier to manipulate the viewer’s perception of scale when placed in the real world and in his photographs.


Photo: Angela Tiffin

His recent solo show features his cutouts and photographs of them in their urban environment is at the CUSP Gallery, 466 Washington Street (south of Canal), in New York City from April 23rd to May 15th, Mon-Fri, 10-5pm.


Joe iurato, Bushwick NY – photo Angela Tiffin

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